Centrifusion built and maintains the website for the Chicago Abused Women's Coalition (CAWC). A non-profit organization whose goal is to assist victims of domestic violence, CAWC has established a web presence that allows the organization to reach out to and help a greater number of abused women.

Centrifusion designed the page layout and navigational scheme of the organization's site with an approach different from many other websites of federally- and corporately-funded nonprofit organizations. Images, rather than text, are the prominent means of navigating and using the site. The images, a collection of the faces of a group of culturally-diverse women, appeal to users of different ethnicities while highlighting the universal nature of abuse inflicted upon women.

In initially integrating these original images into the site, Centrifusion designers used conventional 35mm film technology to photograph women of varying ethnic backgrounds. After scanning the resulting photographic prints, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 was used to size, color, and enhance the images for the title page; designers used Macromedia Fireworks 1.0 to compress images to be posted on the web.

JavaScript and HTML programming were used by Centrifusion developers to construct and populate the site.

User-friendly interfaces provide users with seamless access to related sites and information. Page formats have been designed to better facilitate user interaction, and additional pages have recently been added to reflect the agency's growth and progress.

The composite image that is the centerpiece of the site's design has been improved, as well. Using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, we manipulated and repositioned a new set of photographs to create an image that more prominently reflects the multi-ethnic demographic of CAWC's client population. In this revision, Adobe Image Ready was used to compress the images in place of Macromedia Fireworks.

Centrifusion's design capabilities were instrumental in the recent redesign of CAWC's logo and subsequent new brand identity. Created with Abode Illustrator 8.0, this logo and branding effort has been used throughout the site, as well as in CAWC collateral materials, such as the organization's 1999 annual report.