Household International is a leading provider of consumer loans, credit cards, auto finance and credit insurance products in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. One of the leading consumer finance firms in the U.S., Household is also one of the country’s largest issuers of private-label and general-purpose credit cards.

Household sought to redesign a series of B2C sites using Interwoven templates and content management software. The sites, which are made available to holders of various Household-issued credit cards, provide users with discounts at retailers such as Best Buy, OfficeMax, Barnes and Noble, and As Household wanted to launch the new sites in time for the holiday shopping season, time was of the essence.

Centrifusion’s proficiency with Interwoven content management software and XML enabled the rapid development of the new sites. Centrifusion consultants integrated the Interwoven features and XML components with an innovative dynamic content delivery system of Centrifusion’s own design. All development was performed in a Java environment, using the open-source Tomcat application server.

Named “Xdeliver,” the delivery system interfaces with Interwoven to detect updates to site content (images, text, etc.) and pushes new content to the server on a regular (but adjustable) schedule.

While the sites are hosted by Rackspace Managed Hosting, Centrifusion hosts the Interwoven server as part of an ongoing maintenance agreement. Household accesses the Interwoven server to maintain and update the sites’ offers and promotions.

Centrifusion delivered the three new sites in just five weeks from the initiation of the project, and ahead of schedule. The new sites provide opportunities for Household to generate more credit card revenue and cross-sell its other products.