U.S. Cellular is the nation's eighth largest wireless telecommunications provider, primarily serving mid-sized cities and small markets. The company's existing B2C site needed to be completely reinvigorated to reflect this customer-oriented attitude.

Centrifusion's creative team studied the original uscellular.com very closely before rebuildingits navigational scheme, revamping its visual design, and revising elements of the site's functionality.

The new navigational system rearranged the sections of the site and established a more intuitive feel. Certain features, such as the Store Finder and Instant Messaging, were given greater prominence. The site's e-commerce procedures were revised to be simpler and clearer.


Perhaps most strikingly, Centrifusion took the original site-consisting of hundreds of pages-and condensed it to a more user-friendly amount of approximately 120 without sacrificing usability or efficiency!

Redesigning the site's visual design incorporated several factors. U.S. Cellular sought a fresh look and feel that conveyed its brand image while incorporating its new slogan ("We connect with you"). Clean photography and new design elements were combined to create a sense of motion and escape the static feel of the original.

Once all concepts and designs were approved by the client, Centrifusion produced HTML templates to be readily integrated into the SilverStream e-business platform used by U.S. Cellular. Additionally, Centrifusion's program management services were essential to the successful development of this project.